Tuesday, November 25, 2014

She turned out OK!

She turned out OK!

well, after 13 years of investing time and money into this pipe dream, it finally happen. I had my first meal at my daughter's place last night!

All those quick lessons about use good ingredients, cook food properly witha thermometer, seasoning things properly is a must, timing your whole meal is also a must, take time to make it look nice...wow, honestly some days I did not think that it would ever happen, this daughter of mine had her ups and down with food... But last night we stopped at her house for a sit down dinner and I was very proud, very impress and certainly very happy to see that it had sunk in her little 8 years old brain more than I could have ever dreamed of...

We showed up and I recognize the kitchen set up right away... things were ready to go on the counter, pots on the stove, trays with food ready to go in the oven, a real amateur chef who paid attention. She made a nice salmon with a pesto lemon and parmesan topping baked in the oven, nice potatoes baked with bell peppers, steam broccolini, and a fun spinach salad with strawberries, cranberries, walnut and goat cheese. Then for dessert she made a vanilla crème brulée with a vanilla bean and a few coconut macaroon cookies with a little drizzle of chocolate on top, awesome finish to a great evening. She did not try to reinvent the wheel, she did a great meal she knew how to do well and had practice before. I am glad she paid attention when it was time, a real pro!

I see so many people not able to cook a simple meal mostly because they don't apply themselves as much on details like seasoning or timing or because they don't really stop to think about how the whole thing will come out at the end. They may cook the fish 30 minutes ahead then let the fish sit there for another 15 minutes because the potatoes were not put in the oven soon enough, then the fish gets cold. I see people not able to understand what dressing would go well with certain salads, or how much to put in or how to add a little something to make it fun! Most vegetables should be done at the last minute and not cooked to death if at all possible leaving texture to chew on so they still taste the way they should and not feel like baby food in your mouth. Take the time to teach your kids the value of a nicely cooked meal, the importance of eating good food cooked properly, one day you'll be at their house for dinner and you may wish you did put in the time. Let's face it, it's very unlikely they'll become a soccer star or a ballerina or the next American Idol but they will need to eat for the rest of their lives so it's a good skill to carry as they finally leave home.

Not my daughter, she performed beautifully. Last night Chloae was the daughter of a chef, a proud chef, a chef with a look to the future for his next meal at his favorite Hana Banana's house!

love papa xoxo