Friday, February 3, 2012

Between a ramekin and a square

Just my two cents...a month ago or so we had some friends over for dinner and a conversation started from one of our guests saying why is everything in menus about a ramekin or an infusion or a foam?

It's true sometimes from a non- foodie's perspective looking inside our industry it can get a touch snobbish...and yes often it can get a bit much to hear certain words over and over on menus to describe simple things...but it is what it is...

Can we meet half way people?

Because I go to people's home every other day I see what people eat, I see their fridge and pantry and from a foodie looking inside, I also have an issue with some of the stuff I see but it is what it is... One thing that really gets me laughing is when I read a recipe in a magazine that says 2 square of chocolates. Really, in today's world where we can get oranges from South Africa and Avocado from |Chili, you mean to tell me that 2 squares of chocolate is what I need to make these quote: "Incredible Delicious Espresso Brownies" why in the world is this product still on the market... if you want to make incredible anything I would suggest you start by buying good quality chocolate and get rid of your Bakers... try Barry-Callebaut-or Lindts, or any other world renown producer in your area... Bakers was at one point a staple item in my mom's kitchen, but now there is so much better out there and not really much more money, so splurge and get outside your comfort zone.


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